• Sigma ID Card Printer (DS3)

    Sigma ID Card Printer (DS3)

    The Entrust Datacard® Sigma ID Card Printer (DS3) is specifically designed for today’s cloud environments as well as to give you the ability to quickly and easily issue the most secure identities in the world. Click here to download pdf for specs and more details.

  • COVID-19 Contact Tracing Surge Response Rapid Deployment Kit

    COVID-19 Contact Tracing Surge Response Rapid Deployment Kit

    As an Advantage HID Platinum Level Partner, we wanted to tell you about a new package that HID, in partnership with Prompt.Health (Infinite Leap), created to address the urgent need for monitoring patient interactions within our hospitals. The COVID-19 Contact Tracing Surge Response Rapid Deployment Kit provides a method for healthcare organizations to efficiently monitor interactions by… Read more »

  • Handheld Temperature Monitoring Device

    Handheld Temperature Monitoring Device

    Our NEW Handheld Temperature Monitoring Device is ideal for many situations as it can be used anywhere, making it a good option for small outside events and many small businesses. We also offer a self-serve kiosk/station, ideal for businesses, small healthcare facilities, police, fire, and municipalities, as well as a hi-flow thermal camera, ideal for schools, malls, casinos, department stores, and large healthcare facilities.

  • SMART-BIT Shredder

    SMART-BIT Shredder for ID Card Printer Ribbons

    Protecting personal information is paramount to security and that is what the IDP SMART-BIT shredder is specially designed to do. It ensures the secure destruction of used ID Card Printer Ribbon so that all personal information is destroyed. Due to its Twisted Micro-Cut Technology, you can rest assured that complete shredding of the ribbon will occur. Check it out:

  • Medical & Hospital Wristbands, Labels, Bracelets & Bedside Solutions

    We are proud to offer industry leading PDC Brand Medical & Hospital Wristbands, Labels, Bracelets & PAL Safe Bedside Solutions! Below are links to brochures on various options. Please note, as our product lines are so extensive all our products may not be listed below. Contact Us for more information if you are not able to find what you are looking for!

    For more information on the various Positive Patient Identification, Wristbands & Bracelet options: Click Here

    For more information on Newborn Labels and Wristbands: Click Here

    For more information on the Brother PDC Bedside Solution: Click Here

    For more information on Bedside Lab Labels: Click Here

    For more information on Registration Wristband & Label Printing: Click Here

    For more information on On Demand Labels: Click Here

    For more information on the Contour Wristband: Click Here or Visit this Product Page

    For more information on the ContourPLus Wristbands: Click Here

    For more information on Lab Labels: Click Here

  • Contourband Medical ID Thermal Wristband

    ContourBand Medical ID Wristband

    The Direct Thermal Bar code ContourBand provides the ultimate in quality, comfort and durability for Medical ID Wristbands in multiple styles and colors. ContourBands are compatible with our E2 printers, Zebra printers and more. Features Roll format mirrors the traditional shape of hospital wristbands: narrow strap and wide patient data area. Special outer wristband coating allows… Read more »

  • Higgins E2 M7+

    E-2 M7 High Performance Thermal Transfer Bar Code Printer

    E-2 M7 is a powerful, full featured, high performance printer offering great value. Its low profile still handles an OD label roll, delivers fast throughput making it ideal for any high volume application.

    Want to protect your investment? Learn More!

  • Higgins E2 M5+

    The M5+ is one of the strongest and most durable thermal transfer mechanisms in the industry. Available in both thermal transfer and direct thermal models. This printer is an ideal solution for a variety of applications, including healthcare, retail, inventory, process control, or shipping. This Enhanced PAL enabled printer with its expansive list of features makes it one of the best values on the market.

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  • Higgins E2 M8x

    Rugged and Fast Industrial Thermal Printer 

    The E2 M8x Series is perfectly suited for mission critical applications. Built with heavy duty die-cast aluminum and a performance processor resulting in tremendous print speeds. It also features a 4.3″ color LCD and touch panel operation.

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  • Visitor Management Tracking Software - OpenTech People Track VM

    OpenTech PeopleTrack VM (Visitor Management)


    Visitor, Vendor, Tracking Software – Make sure everyone’s Safe, Secure and Accountable
    Do you want to improve security and increase the efficiency of you visitor registration process?  Our PeopleTrack VM (Visitor Management) solution is designed to quickly and easily track visitors and vendors entering or leaving your facility.  Companies or organizations in any industry can benefit from using PeopleTrack VM.  PeopleTrack VM offers all the vital Visitor Management features for today’s Corporate and Government Office Buildings, Visitor Stations, Emergency Centers, Lobbies and Recreation Centers.