Still using an old PC to print your school’s ID cards?

If you are still using an old PC to print your school’s ID cards, or if you are tired of running out of cards or ribbons at the most inconvenient times, it may be time for you to try a cloud-based ID card printing solution. Cloud-Based ID Card Printing Solution There have actually been many… Read more »

So… how do you identify your students?

The question of identity and access to university services are a core component of student life. As well as indicating a student’s membership in their university, student ID cards can have several different functions, with multiple applications. Student ID Cards From basic identity data to the most advanced encoding features, student ID cards can have… Read more »

60 Years In The Making! Happy Anniversary, Higgins Corporation!

Happy Anniversary, Higgins Corporation! This October marks the 60th year of business for Higgins Corporation, and over the years, we have overcome many challenges, adapting with the times to become what we are today. In 1960, my dad, David R. Higgins Jr., purchased Shepard’s Inc. in Hallowell, Maine and sold typewriters, adding machines, and photocopiers…. Read more »

PeopleTrack: A Temperature Tracking Solution for Schools & Businesses

As we begin to reopen our cities, states, and the entire country, there will be an increased need to ensure the public that precautions have been taken to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19. Until widespread testing or a vaccine is available, one of the ways to mitigate risk is to take make sure that… Read more »

Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution

Thermal imaging technology was used during the SARS outbreak and can help with non-contact automatic temperature monitoring during the current COVID-19 crisis. Our Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution combines the latest hybrid thermal network camera, a blackbody calibration device, and an NVR with Facial Recognition to monitor temperatures within large groups of people at a distance…. Read more »