Effective Hospital Security Solutions Build Trust in the Healthcare Industry

Hospital security has always been a major concern for the healthcare industry as it is vitally important to keep patients safe while still providing a comfortable environment that is conducive to reducing stress and promoting healing. It is also imperative that the public has confidence that when they visit a hospital, they will be kept… Read more »

Nursing Home Security: Peace of Mind for Residents and Families

Moving a loved one into a nursing home or an assisted living facility is often a difficult decision. While some people see it as a natural transition in life, others feel that it is a choice of last resort. With the many things that families are worried about, nursing home security should not be one… Read more »

Bullying Prevention Techniques for Schools

Bullying has been around for as long as children have been going to school. What’s changed though is how the bullying takes place and how much worse and widespread it has gotten. What was prevalent in high schools and junior high/middle schools has now gone down to the elementary school levels, with kids as young… Read more »

Maintaining Security in Your School

Gone are the days of visitors just checking in at the office when they have to come on campus. With the many threats that are rampant in today’s society, there’s a need for tighter security in schools now more than ever. School personnel and students are learning what to do in case of emergencies as… Read more »

Enhancing School Security with Visual Identification Solutions

It’s that time of year again. Fall is right around the corner, with some schools already starting this week — and with it comes the craziness that all parents face with back-to-school shopping. Unfortunately, worrying about how many notebooks or 3-ring binders your child needs for their classes has become the least of our worries…. Read more »