3 Ways in Which Biometric Technologies Provide Enhanced Security in Banking and Financial Services

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The adoption of biometric technologies in banking and financial services has exploded in the last year, resulting in lenders experimenting with things like voice recognition, fingerprints, face identification, iris scanning, and many other ways to log into financial accounts. Given that an individual’s biometric features are much more difficult to mimic than cracking someone’s password,… Read more »

Global Cybersecurity Challenges Currently Plaguing Corporations

Global Cybersecurity Challenges Currently Plaguing Corporations

By 2025, the consumer identity and access management market is projected to grow to $15.3 billion, representing a 15.1% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) increase from 2020. Of course, with this growth comes cybersecurity challenges. In fact, we are witnessing the rapid evolution of passwordless authentication to: Sign up for a service or get a… Read more »

Main Differences Between Consumer and Enterprise Biometrics

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Most of us are familiar by now with the popular methods of consumer biometrics, such as logging into our mobile devices with a fingerprint or face scan or activating Amazon Alexa or Google Home with our voice. Given the familiarity, ease of use, and prevalence of these consumer biometrics methods, it’s no surprise that enterprises rely… Read more »

Considerations for Non-Contact Thermal Imaging Systems and COVID-19

As we head into 2021 with a pandemic in full swing, we’re seeing communities all over the country rolling out reopening efforts that include the use of non-contact temperature assessment devices. Non-contact temperature assessment devices also referred to as non-contact thermal imaging systems or infrared thermographic systems, are used at entry points to detect elevated… Read more »