Critical Message For Apc Power Protection Customers

PowerChute Business Edition v6.x fix

Higgins has just received the following information from APC. Please contact our Service Department at 800.486.1312 or 207.767.3281, extension 133 if you require any assistance with download or installation of the required fix.
In order for PowerChute Business Edition Basic and Deluxe to remain functional,customers must upgrade to any version of 7.x.
Due to expiration of the Sun Java Runtime Environment certificate, versions 6.x of PowerChute Business Edition will cease to function on July 27, 2005. Failure to upgrade will render PowerChute Business Edition inoperable. This software upgrade is free of charge and is available on APC’s web site.
*Users of version 6.x Must Upgrade to version 7.x due to JRE retirement*
Link to PCBE 7.0.4 Downloads:
For Windows NT Customers, please download version 7.0.2:
For PowerChute Business Edition Deluxe 6.x customers, please contact our technical support team at 800-890-4272.
NOTE: Versions 7.0 and higher are not affected by this JRE retirement.
For more details please refer to APC’s KnowledgeBase document.