Datacard Announces Discontinuation Of Magna Series And Imagecard Iv Printers

Last date to order: 9/15/05

Datacard® will be discontinuing the Datacard Magna™ Platinum™ Series and Datacard ImageCard® IV card printers. These printers will be replaced by the Datacard SP75 card printer.
As with any great product, time catches up with it and the Magna Platinum Series and ImageCard IV printers are no exception. We are proud of these products and the effect they have had on this industry, but we are even more proud of the product that replaces them. The SP75 card printer incorporates all of the great innovations and attributes of our Datacard SP Series card printers and the flexibility of the Magna Platinum Series and ImageCard IV printers. The combination of these two product line characteristics will make the SP75 card printer an unprecedented success.