Happy 4th of July & Summer Break

Happy 4th of July & Summer Break
 Higgins has what your school needs to start the year off right!

bradyWe always seem to start our own personal summer vacations off right with fireworks, warm weather, family and friend get-togethers, barbecues, and great times.

For teachers, professors, school administration and staff, summer it is not always a time for total relaxation. A ‘Summer Vacation’ and the absence of students can usually mean a busy time for most colleges and universities in preparation for the upcoming fall semester.

Higgins Corporation, is here to help make things easier and meet all your Secure Photo Identification needs; not just your cards, printers and ribbons, but all your customize-able accessories like lanyards, ID holders, and the UBand as well. Assure that your upcoming first day starts off smoothly, and contact us for details!

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