Orientation Is On The Horizon

Higher Ed Email blast image 1What’s in the works for during your summer planning?

Prepare for a Safe School Year

Choose quality PVC ID cards and printers

PVC ID badges and printers have become a staple for school campuses looking to help keep their students, faculty and staff safe. Get peace of mind with quality ID cards and printers to create a reliable badging system.

Choose from:

ID Cards and Smart Cards: We offer durable PVC cards and PVC cards with mag stripes that can stand up to everyday wear and tear. Or opt for smart cards, proximity cards and the convenience of a wearable ID credential, the UBand™.

Printers & Supplies: Reliable printers, printer ribbons and cleaning supplies will help streamline any badging program, making orientations and those first days of school less hectic. Choose from a variety of PVC printers to create professional IDs for your students and staff.