• SIC_Kit_Full

    Suddenly In Command Kit

    Designed for K-12 public and private schools, the Suddenly In Command™,“Grab and Go” kit provides expert guidance and direction during the crucial first phase of any school crisis and through recovery. The kit is based on the nationally adopted IS-100.SCa program developed by the Emergency Management Institute in collaboration with the Department of Education.

  • Incident Management and Tracking with Salamander Intelligent Accountability

    Salamander Intelligent Accountability

    Higgins and Salamander provide first responders and emergency managers with the tools they need to manage incidents. Our Intelligent Accountability suite offers unrivaled situational awareness, painting a common operational picture for everyone involved to get situations under control and save lives. Intelligent Accountability is the real time tagging, tracking and reporting of people and resources... Read more »
  • Tactron Command Center for Manual Accountability

    Tactron Command Center

    The cornerstone of Manual Accountability A tool used by Incident Commanders to easily manage simple to complex incidents and facilitate tracking of resources and assignments using color coded printed magnets. The Command Center is also an excellent tool for teaching ICS, conducting incident critiques, or to use as a primary or backup dispatch tool. Includes your... Read more »