• Sigma ID Card Printer (DS3)

    Sigma ID Card Printer (DS3)

    The Entrust Datacard® Sigma ID Card Printer (DS3) is specifically designed for today’s cloud environments as well as to give you the ability to quickly and easily issue the most secure identities in the world. Click here to download pdf for specs and more details.

  • Fargo HDP6600 Card Printer

    HID Fargo HDP6600 Card Printer and Encoder

    The Fargo HDP6600 Card Printer from HID Global is the perfect solution for organizations large or small that need retransfer printing technology to routinely issue high definition IDs or cards at high speeds that are both secure and durable. Cost-effective and eco-friendly, the HDP6600 is a reliable solution providing high resolution 600 dpi printing capability that produces superior text and image quality as well as wasteless lamination, resulting in an ultra-low cost-per-card price.

  • IDP SOLID 510 Casino Printer

    IDP Solid 510 Casino Printer (with Cleaning Instructions)

    Player Card Printer

    The IDP SOLID 510 OC Card Printer with Open Card Format is an ideal solution for casinos and other gaming venues to create player and VIP cards, room keys and employee badges.

  • CR805 – NEW!

    Entrust Datacard CR805

    A print-on-demand solution that works for you!

    The Entrust Datacard™ CR805 Desktop Retransfer Series is designed to quickly adapt to a changing business environment. Modularity means you can start with just the printer, use the printer with your existing Entrust Datacard desktop laminator or embosser modules, or add a new laminator or embosser module immediately or in the future—whatever’s right for you.

  • HID/Fargo DTC1500 printer – New!

    HID/ Fargo DTC1500 Printer


    Innovative, built-in security features – Easy-to-implement security features such as resin scramble data protection and custom overlay watermark come standard on every unit.

    Low-cost, high-capacity consumables – High-capacity, full and half-panel color ribbons significantly lower cost-per-card and reduce total cost of ownership.

    Highly versatile – Powerful printing in a modular, scalable design that simplifies in-field equipment upgrades and migration to higher levels of security.

    Earth friendly – GreenCircle® Certified for efficient energy consumption and eco-friendly (ECO) refill ribbons.

  • Smart 51

    IDP Smart 51 Line – New!

    Fast and Reliable ID Card Printers: IDP’s new SMART-51 Line

    IDP’s SMART-51 is the next generation of its mid-range ID Card Printer platform. The SMART-51 inherits the most successful and proven elements of the SMART-50 series printer to ensure reliability. The upgraded SMART-51 will provide the most appropriate card issuance experience.

    SMART-51 is 10% faster compared to the former SMART-50 series ID Card Printer.

    • Single or Dual Sided Mid- Range ID Card Printer
    • Fast, Quiet with User Friendly LCD
    • Flexible, Upgradeable & Reliable
    • FINE™ Imaging Technology
    • Lowest Cost per Print

  • Datacard CD800 ID Card Issuance Printer

    Datacard CD800 Card Printer


    Maximize productivity and increase ID card issuance efficiency with the industry-leading features of the Datacard® CD800™ card printer. Faster printing, more reliable performance and the highest resolution available make the CD800 card printer a great fit for a variety of applications, including state and local governments, corporate or educational applications.

    • Streamline card issuance with productivity-focused print technology
    • Reproduce intricate text and images with high-resolution printing
    • Protect your investment with printer modularity and upgrades like inline lamination

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    FARGO® DTC5500 LMX
    High Volume Direct-to-Card Printer/Laminator/Encoder

    High volume, reliable performance at an ultra-low cost-per-card.

  • IDP-Smart 70 Series


    WITH SEVEN MODULES TO CHOOSE FROM, you can build your printer to suit your needs.

    EACH MODULE OFFERS UNIQUE FEATURES to add convenience, security, production capabilities and reliability.

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  • Swift Color – SCC-4000D Oversized Credential Printer

    SCC-4000D – Oversized Credential Printer

    • Major Sports and Stadium Special Events
    • Tradeshows
    • College/University
    • Concerts
    • Music Festivals
    • Racing
    • Golf
    • Parking Passes
    • Door Hangers
    • Media Credentials,
    • And many more!
  • ISG Peak RTX6000

    Desktop card printing for the most discriminating eye.

    At 600dpi the ISG PEAK RTX6000 retransfer card printer produces some of the highest-quality, over the edge full-color cards possible in a desktop solution. Previously only possible on large format web presses, visual security features such as micro-text and guilloche patterns are now achievable on-demand and on your desktop.

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  • Datacard SD360 Card Printer - Dual-sided IDs and Badges

    Datacard SD360 (Dual-Sided)


    Bring even more value to your desktop with the Datacard® SD360™ card printer. Increase productivity and save work time by issuing secure, two-sided ID cards and badges with this best-in-class card printer. Ideal applications include small- to medium-sized businesses, schools, clubs and hospitals.

    • Save time with automatic two-sided card printing
    • Increase productivity with industry-leading print speeds
    • Produce vibrant and crisp images with Datacard® TrueMatch™ printing technology
    • Greatly reduce the possibility of jamming with Datacard® TruePick™ card handling

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  • Datacard SD260 Secure ID Card Issuance and Badge Printer

    Datacard SD260 (Single-Sided)


    The Datacard® SD260™ card printer puts value right on your desktop. Save time and increase workday efficiency with this best-in-class card printer, ideal for many ID card issuance and badging applications.

    • Produce vibrant and crisp images with Datacard® TrueMatch™ printing technology
    • Experience extreme reliability with Datacard® TruePick™ card handling
    • Support your environmental commitments with Earth-friendly features
    • Increase productivity with speeds that are over 33% faster than competitive printers in the same class

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  • Zebra ZXP3


    Reliable and easy to use, the ZXP Series 3 is everything you could want in a professional card printer. The ZXP Series 3 is an ideal solution for low- to medium-volume single or dual-sided printing applications that require minimal operator training and excellent print quality. ZXP Series 3 printers offer advanced features and high capacity media options.

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  • Zebra ZXP7


    Using the latest in Zebra card-printing technology, the ZXP Series 7 provides high-quality card printing. The ZXP Series 7 printer has an innovative design. It automatically adjusts to the thickness of the card, and ribbon loading is easy.With color coded guides and a clear LCD control panel, it’s simple for anyone to use.

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  • Zebra ZXP8 Retransfer Card Printer

    With Zebra’s innovative ZXP Series 8 retransfer card printer is ideal for printing on uneven card surfaces, such as smart cards, or for when the application calls for very high image quality or cards that are more durable and abrasion resistant.  Using an innovative retransfer print process, the Zebra ZXP Series 8 delivers superior print resolution at the fastest speeds in its class for high-quality photo ID cards with images and graphics that look more like glossy magazine prints than ordinary ID photos. The printer’s modular design provides flexibility to add a variety of encoding options as needed.  Single or dual sided lamination is also available.

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