• Handheld Temperature Monitoring Device

    Handheld Temperature Monitoring Device

    Our NEW Handheld Temperature Monitoring Device is ideal for many situations as it can be used anywhere, making it a good option for small outside events and many small businesses. We also offer a self-serve kiosk/station, ideal for businesses, small healthcare facilities, police, fire, and municipalities, as well as a hi-flow thermal camera, ideal for schools, malls, casinos, department stores, and large healthcare facilities.

  • Thermal Temperature Station

    Thermal Temperature Station

    Our NEW Thermal Temperature Station is a simple option for small and mid-sized businesses who are looking to monitor temperature and face masks on their customers. This is the perfect solution for restaurants, office buildings, schools, factories, and more. The key features of the Thermal Temperature Station include: 7-Inch Touch Screen Monitor for easy setup… Read more »

  • Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution

    Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution

    Our Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution combines the latest hybrid thermal network camera, a blackbody calibration device, and an NVR with Facial Recognition to monitor temperatures within large groups of people at a distance. Click here to download our quick guide to learn more about this solution. We also have more information on how our solution can be… Read more »