CIM ME2000

The CIM ME2000 is a robust, fully-automatic embosser designed to handle large dog tag and metal plate volumes. They can emboss on a large variety of plate sizes and metal materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, brass and gold.

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Product Description

Operate your CIM ME2000 embosser using a PC or your included keyboard. The solutions include our proprietary software SWORDTM, which makes it easy to work with databases. Both machines are capable of either embossing or debossing in different fonts.

Emboss or deboss on:

  • Automotive and VIN plates
  • Cable/ hose tags
  • Inventory/ asset control metal plates
  • Work in progress identification tags
  • Serial number tags
  • Military ID tags

Used by:

  • Military
  • steel plants
  • manufacturers
  • oil refineries
  • power plants
  • utility companies
  • shipyards

Ideal for:

  • product ID
  • work-in-progress
  • inventory control
  • facility tagging
  • asset ID