IDP Solid – 500D Casino

Dual Sided ID Card Printer: Solid-500D

High printing performances for your dual-sided ID cards

For dual-sided color printing, SOLID-500D is ultra-fast, produces high-quality images, and offers an easy upgrade to lamination. Supporting either color or monochrome printing, it is the ideal solution for mid-to-high volume ID card production applications.

SOLID-500D offers a wide range of optional features including magnetic encoder, contact and contactless smart card encoders making it ideal for many applications in a variety of environments.

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Product Description

& Features:

  • Single or Dual Sided Printing
  • Print Speed: 27 sec./card (YMCKOK)
  • 300dpi with Edge-to-Edge Printing
  • 500S Field Upgradable to 500D
  • 2 Lines LCD with 2 LED Buttons for Front Operation
  • Low Cost Security with UV Printing
  • Installable Encoders: MS, Contact & Contactless, SIM


SOLID Applications ensure proper card issuance and data management with SOLID series printers at no extra cost.

SMART Design

  • Design and Print (Images, Photos, Texts, )
  • 1D & 2D Barcode printing
  • Auto portrait

(Auto face detection & adjustment of size & position)


  • Convenient issuance of cards and data management
  • Supports ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)
  • Magnetic stripe (MS), contact & contactless smart card encoding by using plug-in program


SOLID series provides effective security features for access control and data encryption.

SOLID series has a password verification function to provide administrator and user authentications.

SOLID series can set a specific authorized PC for encoding and printing cards.

SOLID series can encrypt data transmitted on USB and can support SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol on ethernet communications.


SOLID series can utilize the network printer server for encoding and printing cards.

SOLID Ethernet module can not only print cards but also encode MS, contact and contactless smart card through the network.

SOLID Ethernet module has OCP(Open Card Print) protocol which can encode and print cards by using commands on multiple platforms without installing the printer driver.

Available encoding the contact & contactless smart card by Ethernet.

Also available with lamination! Inquire at 800-486-1312 about the IDP Solid-500L model!

Solid Series printers manufactured by IDP Corporation, are state-of-the-art dye-sublimation ID Card printers which are easy to install and use, cost effective, and reliable, IDP’s ISO-9001 Certification ensures quality in every printer made and is backed up by local support of authorized dealers.

SOLID series is designed to support a flexible user environment, which makes it easy to choose the correct printer and save money. You can easily add a flipper or laminator, for dual sided printing or laminating, and various encoders such as magnetic stripe, contact and contactless. The enhanced FINE™ Imaging Technology of the SOLID series enables you to print high quality images. The SOLID series will be a perfect choice for Casino/ Gaming uses. May also be used for ID, Membership, Access control, Government ID, Healthcare and Banking cards.