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IDP Solid 510 Casino – NOW AVAILABLE!

Player Card Printer

The SOLID 510 OC Card Printer with OpenCard Format is an Ideal Solution for Casinos and other Gaming Venues to create Player and VIP Cards, Room Keys and Employee Badges.

Player Card Printer from: IDP America, Inc. 

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Product Description

  • Player Card Printer (“Embosser”)
  • Ultra-Fast Printing and Encoding
  • “Open Card” Compatible
  • Hot-Swap Technology
  • Quick ROI

• Ultra-Fast Printing and Encoding (6-sec.)
• Exclusive Hot Swap Technology
• Ribbon Saving Technology
• Easy Front Loading and Exiting of Cards
• Ruggedized Metal Frame
• Exception Card Feeder for VIP Cards
• Ultra-Quite Operation

Easy Issuance

The SOLID-510 OC ensures proper card issuance in any casino environment with simple to use tools for large installations.


Solid Series provides effective security features for access control and data encryption.


Solid series can utilize the network printer server for encoding and printing cards.

Available now from IDP America, Inc.