SMART-BIT Shredder for ID Card Printer Ribbons

Protecting personal information is paramount to security and that is what the IDP SMART-BIT shredder is specially designed to do. It ensures the secure destruction of used ID Card Printer Ribbon so that all personal information is destroyed. Due to its Twisted Micro-Cut Technology, you can rest assured that complete shredding of the ribbon will occur. Check it out:

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Product Description

The SMART-BIT Shredder uses unique “twist and cut” motions to completely shred the ID Card Printer ribbon panels into teensy, tiny, unrecognizable particles. It is designed to accommodate all the industry’s popular brands of direct-to-card printer ribbons in a compact, light-weight, easy-to-use design that will easily fit onto any office desktop – without any mess! The SMART-BIT’s waste bag ensures the complete capture of ribbon particles so that it can be easily transferred to a waste bin.