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Product Description

The cornerstone of Manual Accountability

A tool used by Incident Commanders to easily manage simple to complex incidents and facilitate tracking of resources and assignments using color coded printed magnets. The Command Center is also an excellent tool for teaching ICS, conducting incident critiques, or to use as a primary or backup dispatch tool. Includes your choice of Fire, Haz-Mat, Hi-Rise, Public Works, Law Enforcement, or Medical Assignment Tag Set. Plus, 30 customized Engraved Resource Tags color coded and printed to suit your department’s needs. Additional Assignment and Resource Tag Sets may be added. White panels are writable using grease pencil, dry erase pen, or permanent marker. Locking lid supports keep lid open during use.

21” LED light that runs on 8 AA batteries as well as portable field tripod are not included, but can be added. Add an additional blank or printed magnetic panel to the bottom of the inner hinged page. Custom full color printing available upon request. Call for details.