Zebra ZXP8 Retransfer Ribbon

  • High resolution 304 dpi images and text.
  • Over the edge printing: this printer will guarantee that your edges print perfectly since the film fully covers the card.
  • 1,250 images per roll


Product Description

In conjunction with a Zebra ZXP8 color ribbon, the ZXP8 Retransfer Film enables the Zebra to print a combination of full-color images and one-color text or barcodes, or UV. This Retransfer Film is required for printing cards with the Zebra ZXP8.

Retransfer printers print your card image to underside of the retransfer film. The printed film is then fused to the card using a thermal bonding process for flawless results

Higgins is an authorized Zebra dealer. The item you are viewing is a genuine Zebra item and not a generic or imitation ribbons. Using non-Zebra certified supplies can void your printer’s warranty.

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