FAQs About Regional Ribbons

regional ribbonsEnsuring the right choice of supplies is a critical element of all issuance programs in order to deliver high-quality results and optimize the performance of your system at an affordable price. Regional ribbons are a better solution for your Entrust Printers: SD160, SD260, SD360, SD460, CD800, and CE840 card printers. Using regional ribbons pays off by saving you money, improving performance, enhancing security, and reducing waste!

What is the Value of Switching to Regional Ribbons?

Regional ribbons enhance your solution security and communication integrity with high encryption RFID supplies. They also improve printer performance with the latest firmware feature set, ensure superior print quality, and there is less waste with regional ribbons. Best of all, regional ribbons can save you money by avoiding the legacy ribbon price increases.

Important! Be sure to use up your existing legacy ribbon inventory first, because once you switch to regional ribbons, you cannot revert back.

Your Higgins representative can provide you with guidance and support during your switch to regionalized ribbons. Please contact us at 800.486.1312 to learn more about SD/CD regional ribbons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I switch to regional ribbons?

A: Making the switch to regional ribbons will save you money. Additionally, regional ribbons ensure superior quality and performance and have a smaller footprint, which reduces waste.

Q: Is there a price difference between regional ribbons and legacy ribbons?

A: Yes, due to increased material and manufacturing costs, the prices of legacy ribbons are increasing. Regional ribbons will save you money because they are available at a lower price.

Q: How do I know if my printer can use regionalized supplies?

A: If you have an SD series, CD series, or CE series direct to card Datacard Printer, you can utilize the regionalized ribbon item numbers.

Q: Will I need to update my firmware?

A: Firmware level must be updated to at or above the following levels: If firmware starts with D2: D2.15.3xx OR If firmware starts with D3: D3.16.3xx. For printers shipped after July 2016, the firmware features for regional ribbon capability is already included. If you do need to update your firmware, click here to download it from Entrust’s website.

Q: Once I update the firmware, is my printer regionalized?

A: No, the firmware simply updates the printer with the regional ribbon capabilities. To regionalize your printer, you must load a regional ribbon.

Q: How does the printer get regionalized?

A: If the printer firmware is the latest version, all it takes to regionalize the printer is to load the new regional ribbon into the printer. The printer will then take on the optimized settings for regional ribbons.

Q: Does my printer fleet that is part of the Entrust Rapid Repair Replacement Program need to have the firmware upgraded?

A: No, the printers were shipped with the latest version of firmware to include regional ribbon capability.

Q: Are all ribbon formats available as regionalized supplies?

A: No, only the color panel formats YMCKT 250, YMCKT 500, YMCKT, and ymcKT-KT are available. KT and monochrome black will continue to work whether the printer is regionalized or not.

Q: How do I know which ribbons are regional ribbons?

A: An uppercase “R” towards the end of the supply item number signifies that it is a regional ribbon.

Q: How will I be able to verify that the printer has been regionalized?

A: The printer will display a region code on the LCD screen to the right of the printer model number.

Q: What happens to the printer settings when it becomes regionalized?

A: The settings on the printer will be updated to regional supplies for the YMCKT, YMCKT-KT and ymcKT ribbon formats, which means that previous original color panel ribbons of the same formats will no longer be able to be used. All other non-regionalized supplies will not be impacted.

Q: Will legacy ribbons be discontinued?

A: Yes, the SD/CD/CE product line legacy ribbons will be discontinued for sale due to cost increases. There will continue to be a limited supply available to support SP/CP series printers for a period of time.

Q: How do I get started using regional ribbons?

A: The first thing to do is to take stock of your current color panel ribbons. This inventory of ribbons must be used first as you will no longer be able to use them once a regional ribbon is loaded into the printer. Once you have used up your existing inventory of legacy ribbons, make sure that the firmware is up-to-date and then load the regional ribbon into the printer. That’s it.

Q: Will I need to change any of the settings on my printer when I start using regional ribbons?

A: Possibly. If the YMC power settings were modified to the maximum range, the settings would need to be reduced closer to the default settings for best performance and to ensure that ribbon wrinkling or breakage does not occur. Your Higgins support technician can help ensure that your settings are correct.

Q: What happens if I load a regional ribbon into a printer that doesn’t have updated firmware?

A: The LCD will display an error “Print ribbon not supported 119” if the ribbon is installed before the firmware has been updated. Take the ribbon out, update the firmware, and then re-load the ribbon.

Q: What will happen if I try to use a legacy ribbon in a regionalized printer?

A: If you load a legacy ribbon into a regionalized printer, it will not work, and the LCD screen will display the error “Supply region not valid 224.”

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