• Sigma ID Card Printer (DS3)

    Sigma ID Card Printer (DS3)

    The Entrust Datacard® Sigma ID Card Printer (DS3) is specifically designed for today’s cloud environments as well as to give you the ability to quickly and easily issue the most secure identities in the world. Click here to download pdf for specs and more details.

  • COVID-19 Contact Tracing Surge Response Rapid Deployment Kit

    COVID-19 Contact Tracing Surge Response Rapid Deployment Kit

    As an Advantage HID Platinum Level Partner, we wanted to tell you about a new package that HID, in partnership with Prompt.Health (Infinite Leap), created to address the urgent need for monitoring patient interactions within our hospitals. The COVID-19 Contact Tracing Surge Response Rapid Deployment Kit provides a method for healthcare organizations to efficiently monitor interactions by… Read more »

  • Handheld Temperature Monitoring Device

    Handheld Temperature Monitoring Device

    Our NEW Handheld Temperature Monitoring Device is ideal for many situations as it can be used anywhere, making it a good option for small outside events and many small businesses. We also offer a self-serve kiosk/station, ideal for businesses, small healthcare facilities, police, fire, and municipalities, as well as a hi-flow thermal camera, ideal for schools, malls, casinos, department stores, and large healthcare facilities.

  • Thermal Temperature Station

    Thermal Temperature Station

    Our NEW Thermal Temperature Station is a simple option for small and mid-sized businesses who are looking to monitor temperature and face masks on their customers. This is the perfect solution for restaurants, office buildings, schools, factories, and more. The key features of the Thermal Temperature Station include: 7-Inch Touch Screen Monitor for easy setup… Read more »

  • Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution

    Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution

    Our Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution combines the latest hybrid thermal network camera, a blackbody calibration device, and an NVR with Facial Recognition to monitor temperatures within large groups of people at a distance. Click here to download our quick guide to learn more about this solution. We also have more information on how our solution can be… Read more »

  • Cloud-Based ID Card Printing

    HID FARGO Connect Cloud-Based ID Card Printing

    Are you still dealing with the same limitations that have plagued the ID card issuance industry for the past two decades, such as isolated workstations and limited integrations? With HID® FARGO® Connect™, your facility will benefit from the convenience of cloud-based ID card printing. Imagine no more PCs, software or drivers to manage. With secure remote issuance, imagine the money you will save but not having shipping expenses to deliver credentials, not to mention the time savings. Instead of locally maintained printers, you will have centralized control and visibility. Gone are the days of issuing from PCs, hours spent waiting on print queues, and bouncing between applications. With HID FARGO Connect, you will have the ability to issue credentials from any device with distributed inline personalization, and a unified user interface.

  • Fargo HDP6600 Card Printer

    HID Fargo HDP6600 Card Printer and Encoder

    The Fargo HDP6600 Card Printer from HID Global is the perfect solution for organizations large or small that need retransfer printing technology to routinely issue high definition IDs or cards at high speeds that are both secure and durable. Cost-effective and eco-friendly, the HDP6600 is a reliable solution providing high resolution 600 dpi printing capability that produces superior text and image quality as well as wasteless lamination, resulting in an ultra-low cost-per-card price.

  • SMART-BIT Shredder

    SMART-BIT Shredder for ID Card Printer Ribbons

    Protecting personal information is paramount to security and that is what the IDP SMART-BIT shredder is specially designed to do. It ensures the secure destruction of used ID Card Printer Ribbon so that all personal information is destroyed. Due to its Twisted Micro-Cut Technology, you can rest assured that complete shredding of the ribbon will occur. Check it out:

  • IDP SOLID 510 Casino Printer

    IDP Solid 510 Casino Printer (with Cleaning Instructions)

    Player Card Printer

    The IDP SOLID 510 OC Card Printer with Open Card Format is an ideal solution for casinos and other gaming venues to create player and VIP cards, room keys and employee badges.

  • CR805 – NEW!

    Entrust Datacard CR805

    A print-on-demand solution that works for you!

    The Entrust Datacard™ CR805 Desktop Retransfer Series is designed to quickly adapt to a changing business environment. Modularity means you can start with just the printer, use the printer with your existing Entrust Datacard desktop laminator or embosser modules, or add a new laminator or embosser module immediately or in the future—whatever’s right for you.

  • Lanyards

    You can view our online catalog of hundreds of choices of lanyards here:

    Or Design your own here!

  • Badge Holders

    View our catalog with all our Badge Holders here! There are so many to see.

  • Badge Reels

    View our catalog of Badge Reels here! There are so many to see.

  • ScholarChip


    Secure your campus and protect your students.
    Automate school functions for enhanced performance and efficiency.
    Fully integrated with PowerSchool, Infinite Campus and all major student information systems (SIS).

  • HID/Fargo DTC1500 printer – New!

    HID/ Fargo DTC1500 Printer


    Innovative, built-in security features – Easy-to-implement security features such as resin scramble data protection and custom overlay watermark come standard on every unit.

    Low-cost, high-capacity consumables – High-capacity, full and half-panel color ribbons significantly lower cost-per-card and reduce total cost of ownership.

    Highly versatile – Powerful printing in a modular, scalable design that simplifies in-field equipment upgrades and migration to higher levels of security.

    Earth friendly – GreenCircle® Certified for efficient energy consumption and eco-friendly (ECO) refill ribbons.

  • Smart 51

    IDP Smart 51 Line – New!

    Fast and Reliable ID Card Printers: IDP’s new SMART-51 Line

    IDP’s SMART-51 is the next generation of its mid-range ID Card Printer platform. The SMART-51 inherits the most successful and proven elements of the SMART-50 series printer to ensure reliability. The upgraded SMART-51 will provide the most appropriate card issuance experience.

    SMART-51 is 10% faster compared to the former SMART-50 series ID Card Printer.

    • Single or Dual Sided Mid- Range ID Card Printer
    • Fast, Quiet with User Friendly LCD
    • Flexible, Upgradeable & Reliable
    • FINE™ Imaging Technology
    • Lowest Cost per Print