• CIM Metal-Tag Embosser

    CIM ME2000 DM

    2D Matrix Barcode Durable Embosssed Metal Plates

    The ME2000 DM is an advanced solution for durable or long life industrial marking applications that require automatic data collection and management.

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  • CIM Metal-Tag Embosser

    CIM ME2000

    The CIM ME2000 is a robust, fully-automatic embosser designed to handle large dog tag and metal plate volumes. They can emboss on a large variety of plate sizes and metal materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, brass and gold.

  • CIM MDT1000

    The MDT1000 is a NEW compact, high speed metal tag embosser built on durable and proven technology.

    Flexible and designed specifically for U.S. military tagging applications, the MDT1000 has the built-in qualities that only a CIM metal tag embosser can offer.

  • CIM ME1500

    The ME1500 is a user-friendly, versatile solution, designed specifically for the Asset ID and Work in Progress tag identification needs of mid-size manufacturing, power, utility, oil, gas sectors.

  • CIM ME500

    The ME 500 is a portable, mid volume, automatic metal plate and tag embossing machine.

    This machine will personalize up to 105 metal plates per hour. It offers the ability to emboss different tag sizes simply by changing out the input hopper.

  • Dog Tag and Medical Alert Embosser - CIM MDTMDT500HE

    CIM MDT500HE

    The Best  Solution for Debossing or Embossing of Dog Tags and Medical Alert Tags

    The MDT Series dog tag embossers are the most reliable, easy to use, fully automatic dog tag and medical alert tag embossers in the market. The latest MDT500 HE all-in-one integrated unit comes with removable hoppers and a host of other features not found in other dog tag machines. It also embosses stainless steel plates of 2.25″ x 1.25″.