• Evolis Zenius


    The Zenius printer is designed for single-sided printing and encoding of any type of plastic cards.

    Zenius generates color or monochrome cards, individually or in small runs, with top quality results.

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  • All-in-One ID Card Printer, Encoder and Laminator - Datacard SD460

    Datacard SD460 Card Printer with Tactile Impression

    As counterfeiting and alteration attempts have grown more sophisticated, so have the card security features that let you easily verify identity and authenticity. The Datacard® SD460™ card printer delivers everything you need to increase the security and durability of your ID cards. With this reliable, all-in-one printer, encoder and laminator, you can add unique personalization features and secure overlays to help resist fraud. Plus, you can produce cards that last longer, helping you avoid costly re-issuance.

    • Boost card security with the unique and customizable tactile impression feature
    • Improve the look of your cards and meet stringent standards with the inline de-bower
    • Increase efficiency with faster throughput and greater reliability

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