WaveLynx Mobile Credentials

Higgins is proud to offer WaveLynx mobile credentials to our New England customers. WaveLynx has a long history of developing state-of-the-art credential and reader solutions and have designed multiple generations of products dating back to the advent of contactless smart cards in North America. The development team at WaveLynx has an impressive 60+ years of RFID and electronics experience in the security industry.

In addition to mobile credentials, WaveLynx also offers physical credentials including ISO cards, ISO cards with magstripe, clamshell cards, keyfobs, and sticky tags. From prox, smart, prox + smart combos, and mobile formats, all of WaveLynx’s credentials are made with materials of the highest quality that have been tested over time and proven to be both durable and long-lasting.

WaveLynx Mobile Credentials

WaveLynx has developed multiple mobile credential solutions that are based on Bluetooth® technology. For our customers who are interested in cloud-based provisioning and tracking of mobile credentials, WaveLynx offers multiple options including Safetrust and Unikey.

WaveLynx Physical Credentials

WaveLynx offers ISO cards, made of a durable long-lasting composite material, in Prox and NFC (Desfire EV2®, Mifare Classic®) as well as “combo” cards that include Prox and NFC in the same card. These cards can be printed with custom artwork and/or badge IDs so that they are customized to exactly match our customers’ needs. WavyLynx keyfobs are available in both Prox and NFC (Desfire EV2®, Mifare Classic®) version and can also have badge IDs printed on them. Active Bluetooth® keyfobs that work at a distance of up to 30 feet are also available and are perfect for applications that benefit from an extended range, such as for parking or entry to storage facilities.

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